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PathPlanner is a motion profile generator for FRC robots created by team 3015. The main features of PathPlanner include:

  • Each path is made with Bézier curves, allowing fine tuning of the exact path shape.

  • Holonomic mode supports decoupling the robot's rotation from its direction of travel.

  • Real-time path preview

  • Allows placing "event markers" along the path which can be used to trigger other code while path following.

  • Build modular autonomous routines using other paths.

  • Automatic saving and file management

  • Robot-side vendor library for path generation and custom path following commands/controllers

  • Full autonomous command generation with PathPlannerLib auto builder

  • Real time path following telemetry

  • Hot reload (paths and autos can be updated and regenerated on the robot without redeploying code)

  • Automatic pathfinding in PathPlannerLib with AD*


PathPlanner GUI


Last modified: 16 May 2024